Christian Transformation Journey Plan

Once we take the steps toward spiritual transformation by renewing our minds, we’ll be able to know God’s perfect will for us (Romans

Many Christians quit church because their transformation journey was not planned, structured or managed effectively. The expectations of such Christians are not in alignment with the ministry’s vision and mandate because it was not identified, communicated, documented, measured and followed through with. Unmet expectations result in dissatisfaction which ultimately lead to ministry exit.

Many ministries have great mandates, but great mandates need to be broken down into every day activities that translate into mandate fulfilment. Many ministry leaders want to, but can’t, because they are simply too busy or not equipped to carry out this important aspect of ministry,

Deliberate Christian will help create a customized Christian transformation journey plan that aligns with your ministry’s vision under the guidance of the Holyspirit. We will train your key ministry workforce to implement and manage the plan.

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