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"I want to thank God since I joined DCL platform, my sense of reason when it comes to God and things of the world have changed. Something propels my thought continually, All glory to God."

Tope Abiodun


My testimony for DCL is majorly focused on exponential growth I experienced in my spiritual life. I now understand the word of God better, I now hear from God and also my prayer life has improved.

Tolu Jegede


What a fantastic move!

Ronke Testimony

I joined the DCL group through a friend who invited me to like the group on the 4th of November, 2019.

I don’t usually like every group I’m invited to like but the invitation coming from that person I couldn’t decline, and I am glad that I joined the group because it has been a blessing to me ever since then.

I left a message as requested by the admin to send any prayer request to the inbox, I did and it was a one on one full time response from the founder. That encounter made me to know that I am in the right place for spiritual growth.

I was later added to the DCL Whatapp group where we meet three times a week to share the word and also pray. There were times I didn’t feel like praying cos my spirit was down but at such times I made sure I joined DCL and it has helped sharpen me times and over again. 

So many things I’ve privately committed to God during the prayer meetings have received quick response and there has been a great improvement in my personal walk with God.

DCL has become a source that I cannot disconnect from, growing and getting to know the depth of God through his words. Iron sharpens iron, that is what DCL is to me, helping me to grow more and have the desire to know God more and walk in his will and his purpose for my life.

Happy second anniversary to DCL…many more years of making impact and raising men and women for the advancement of God’s kingdom in Jesus name. 

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