It's time to become a deliberate Christian

Together we can help you overcome the struggles in your spiritual growth journey to becoming Christ-like

About us

Welcome to Deliberate Christian

We’re a community that understands your Christian journey, gives answers to life’s toughest questions through revelational study, discusses faith, disciplines the body, discovers purpose for a fulfilling life, and connects with like-minded believers. Together, we can find comfort and meaning in our shared beliefs.

You're not alone

Life feels too harsh and too overwhelming sometimes.

Know that God is always with us

It’s completely understandable to feel like life is too harsh and overwhelming at times. But in those moments, it’s important to remember that you are not alone.

God is always with you, offering comfort and strength to get through even the toughest of times. Take heart in the knowledge that you are loved and supported, and that brighter days are ahead.

Meet Our Founder

Hello, I’m Dunmininu Makoyawo, a child of God, Christian discipleship minister and trainer. By God's grace, Deliberate Christian was founded in 2019.

I was born into a Christian family and I served in the choir when I was still a child. My late teenage years and early twenties were more of a struggle than a relationship with God, until Jesus found me back.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard to study God’s word even if you are super busy, that’s why I founded Deliberate Christian Society to help others built a well nurtured Christian life.

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How We Help

Various counselling services for your needs

Ministry Virtual Assistance

We support Christian clergies and ministries by providing virtual administrative, content writing and editing, customer service and experience management, and social media management.

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Discipleship & Counselling

We listen, counsel, and walk you through the life-long deliberate journey of discipleship in the community of like-minded believers. 

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Believers Training Course

We offer training courses on a host of topics bordering on Christian discipleship and lifestyle transformation, to equip Christians to be who and all God has called them to be.

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Youtube Christian Talk

On our YouTube channel, we discuss more about God, his will, resolving our challenges with God’s word, and strengthen our Christian life .

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OUR Deliberate Christian Events

We always host opportunity for believers to come together and deepen their faith.

Where did the time go? Hurray! Deliberate Christian Life is turning 4! Thank you Jesus.…
The disciples had been with Jesus for 3 years till his crucifixion, death and resurrection,…

We discuss all about Christian life & what's happening around us

On our YouTube channel, we discussing all about all aspects of Christian life and keeping you informed about what’s happening around us. Join us as we explore topics that matter to believers and help you navigate your own journey of faith.

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