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Together we can help you overcome the struggles in your spiritual growth journey to becoming Christ-like

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Deliberate Christian community is open to anyone who is interested in progressive spiritual growth to become like Christ-like

Deliberate Christian is a non-denominational Christian discipleship and lifestyle transformation  community that calls the unsaved to salvation and nurtures believers to  consciously depend on God’s grace for progressive spiritual growth to become like Christ in purpose, thought, word and deed. 

The Bible is our final authority on all issues, Our culture is love, Our tool is faith, Our advantage is grace, Our model is Christ, Our destination is heaven.                                                              

“I want to thank God since I joined DCL platform, my sense of reason when it comes to God and things of the world have changed. Something propels my thought continually, All glory to God.”

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Met Our Founder

Hello, I’m Dunmininu Makoyawo, a Christian Discipleship Minister and Trainer. By God's grace, I founded Deliberate Christian in 2019.

I was born into a Christian family and I served in the choir when I was still a child. I loved the church because I enjoyed some activities, but sometimes it was boring. My late teenage years and early twenties were more of a struggle than a relationship because I just couldn’t get myself to keep up with all the rules in the Bible. I always fell short regardless of how hard I tried.

I had a lot begging for my attention, and I wanted them all. The memory verses I knew haunted me every time I failed. I admired the life of those who seemed to have gotten a hang of being righteous, but I also knew I couldn’t keep up with it regardless of how hard I tried.

I continued with my oscillating faith life but still showed up at church; why wouldn’t I? I was a Christian (I still am lol). One thing remained quite confusing, I felt good every time I was ‘righteous’ and really bad when I wasn’t, until…

Until I realized that the responsibility of choosing right from wrong for a lifetime was a heavy burden I couldn’t handle on my own. I was insufficient and God was too high up to catch up with, so I had to use the only route he provided to be free – Jesus. I accepted the call to salvation a number of times, but I was still far from stable till he revealed that his law and love are two sides of the same coin.

He took me back on the journey of what I taught I already knew. This time around, I didn’t just know it, I experienced it. I saw that I was stuck in the struggling, juggling, and wriggling because I hadn’t experienced his love. His love – the foundation, vehicle, and sustainer of all.

A foretaste of his love opened up an unquenchable thirst for more. All I needed to do was to surrender and not try to be. This revelation of his love has since become the definition of my relationship with him. Your struggle is evidence of your dysfunctional revelation of the love of Christ. The deliberate journey begins with revelational surrender. Only then are we equipped to be like Christ.

Met Our Founder

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I identify with your spiritual growth struggles because I have once been there, and I am still on the journey with Christ, taking new grounds as a work in progress and tool in his hands. Let’s get DELIBERATE together.

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