Practical Ways of Overcoming Quiet Time Challenges 

Your Christian heritage is hidden in your relationship with God. It, therefore, means that your life in Christ cannot be better than the quality of relationship you have with God

Are you one of those Christians who cannot get themselves to spend 5 minutes in prayer without dozing off?

Are you one of those who find the Bible a boring read?

Are you addicted to social media?

Have you tried to overcome without success?

Don’t Give Up, Help is here!



A Christian who does not make time to study the word, receive revelation from the word and pray, is shortchanging himself in life.

There is a place for corporate encounters and revelation, but most men who break into the realm of purpose recognition, empowerment and fulfillment, do so during personal encounters.

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Learning the Practical Ways of Overcoming Quiet Time Challenges

The quiet time is when spiritual growth really takes place. It is that time when you receive the ‘customized’ version of the general message you heard at church.

It is the time you ride on the back of the Holyspirit to realms of revelation that crowd effect might deny you from reaching in corporate gatherings

Abraham received the direction that transformed him from a childless rich man, to a father of nations with generational wealth while he was alone with God. He graduated from a local champion to a man of global relevance when his walk made him a friend of God.

It’s a noisy world, but if you truly what to do life being powered by more than your efforts, you need to keep your life’s engine serviced daily in the secret place.

What You'll Learn

By God’s grace I will be taking men and women who are ready to overcome the odds to build a consistently growing secret place relationship with God on a journey in the PRACTICAL WAYS OF OVERCOMING QUIET TIME CHALLENGES COURSE.

📌You will realize quiet time is really not what you thought it was
📌You will learn how to pray all day while being actively present at work and doing all that you are expected to do (yes, it is possible)
📌You will be able to self diagnose and identify why you haven’t been consistent with your quiet time
📌 You will learn practical ways of conquering the root causes of the inconsistency
📌 You will have 1 month of mentorship to practice all you learn


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