How to be deliberate in your church relationships

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There is a need for all Christians to learn how to be deliberate in their church relationships.

Church is a congregation of people of different ages, who come from different backgrounds, have different life experiences and challenges, but are saved by one Lord and saviour who loves each one, uniquely with an unconditional and everlasting love.

To create an atmosphere that cultivates and fosters the Christ-kind of love, there is a need to be more tolerant of your brothers and sisters in the faith, regardless of who they are, where they are from, the titles they bear or how they look

Some are older than you in age, but younger than you in spiritual maturity

Some are younger than you in age but older than you in the appropriation of grace

Some are your age mates, but older than you in the demonstration of love

Some are your Pastors, but you have been graced to break into deeper levels of revelation of the word than them

Some are your departmental heads, but you have a higher grace of leadership than them

Some are children, they look like they are in church for the snacks, but they are carriers of the presence of God in a way no adult in your church has achieved

Only in humility and service to each other will the grace upon one life become beneficial to another

Only in unity will the presence of God perfect us all

As you go to church today, esteem others higher than yourself, regardless of the grace you enjoy and the title you bear

You still need sharpening from those beneath you

Be the reason a brother will desire to be in God’s presence again next Sunday

Be the reason a sister will choose to trust God again because of the kind words he spoke through your mouth

Be a Christ ambassador in thought, word and deed

As you go to church today, neither age nor title should be a consideration, love should be the currency of your relationship with your brothers and sisters.

Choose to be a Deliberate Christian today and always

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