Prayers for deliverance from spiritual wickedness

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Wicked is an adjective no one loves to be described with, nonetheless, it prevails amongst us. Wickedness exists in homes, lineages, workplaces, communities and even places of worship. No wonder many describe this world as a wicked world.

What the Bible says about spiritual wickedness

The Bible identifies wickedness as a spirit. It would be wrong for any believer to think that wickedness is a mere behavioural trait. Wickedness is a spirit that manifests in thoughts, words, deeds and purposes.

It can be masked by acts of kindness, good words and feigned humility but it is discernable by the spirit of God.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places - Ephesians 6:12 

While this might come as a surprise to you, a supposed child of God can manifest the spirit of wickedness.

By God’s grace, as we pray, we shall be convicted of any form of wickedness, we shall repent and we shall be delivered from the oppressive manifestations of wickedness in all aspects of our lives in Jesus name.

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Prayers of deliverance from spiritual wickedness

  • Thank you Lord for your mercies over me and all that concerns me.
  • Thank you Lord for your righteous ways and decrees that keep me from the ways of wickedness
  • Lord I repent from all acts of wickedness perpetrated or aided by me or any member of my family. Please have mercy upon us and forgive us. Romans 1:28-32
  • Lord rid my heart of all forms of wickedness and fill me with your fear
  •  I command the wrath of God upon every spirit of wickedness that is attacking the truth of God in my life and all that concerns me in Jesus name. Romans 1:18
  • By the power of God’s grace I shall overcome wickedness with righteousness, the wickedness of the wicked shall not enrol me into wickedness
  • The God who watches over Israel, who neither sleeps nor slumbers, protect me from the wickedness of the wicked that causes men to stumble
  • Deliverer of the helpless, Jesus, deliver me from all forms of household and lineage wickedness
  • I decree an end to every spiritual wickedness that seeks to frustrate God’s faithfulness in my life in Jesus name
  • Spiritual wickedness holding on to the answers to my prayers, release them in Jesus name
  • Spiritual wickedness oppressing my health let go and give way for divine health in Jesus name
  • Spiritual wickedness keeping me in lack, vacate my life and be replaced by prosperity in Jesus name
  • Spiritual wickedness holding back my fruitfulness I exercise the covenant of fruitfulness against you. I shall be fruitful because God said so.
  • Spiritual wickedness holding me stagnant, by the might of God, I advance in Jesus name
  • Thank you Lord for answered prayers

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