Trusting God beyond the senses

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With heads full of God’s promises, most times, it is still difficult to trust God. 

Questions like –  “I know He can, but why is he not doing it now?”  makes us wonder if God has chosen to withhold what we desire for no just reason.

Believe me,  I know that feeling of being in a hands-tied situation. I know the feeling of being cornered on all sides. I know the feeling of helplessness because you just can’t consider any other option.

 We carry an emotional weight saying it is well when it is not.

Come, let truth explain himself to us. Let him tell us what he is busy doing when we are crumbling under the weight of having to wait and still trust.

Let him tell us why he takes us through the hard parts when there are easier options. 

The July Deliberate Christian Hangout is one you shouldn’t get too busy to attend. It is that one you should clear your schedule to accommodate.

It is that one you should pray about for all the unanswered questions to be answered. It is that one you should bring a waiting friend to.

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It is that one you should tell family members about and ensure they attend. It is that one you should come prepared to speak out and ask questions. 

Watch the May Edition of the Deliberate Christian Hangout for a taste of what is to come in the July edition

Sermons give no room for you to ask questions

You might not feel too comfortable sharing your waiting experience with a pastor one-on-one for guidance 

You might have tried all of these all still have unanswered questions.

If you fall into any of these categories, then the July Hangout is for you.

Time- 2 pm Nigeria, 3 pm SA, 9 pm Philippines, 8 AM Texas and  Chicago time

Venue- Deliberate Christian Life Facebook page 

Theme- Realities of trusting God beyond the senses

Don’t miss it. The truth will be answering for himself 

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