Are you waiting right?

girl, sadness, loneliness
Are you waiting right?
You have been waiting for God for a while
I know a while is stating it lightly
You have been waiting for God for years
It seems like God doesnt even know time is against you
Sorry, it is not so
It is because he is not subject to time'He tells time what to do
and time obeys him
He operates the time of life
You operate the time off the clock
That is why he only does things at the right time
It is like he cant hear what people are saying about you
Sorry, it is not so
He created the mouth and the ear
He knows all that mouths can say and hears all, including unspokem words and thoughts
He seems unmoved only because the gossip of men does not hinder his purpose for you
It seems like God cannot do what you are waiting on him for
Sorry, it is not so
It is because he is not stopping at what you are requesting 
He is doing exceeding abundantly more than all you have asked or thought
According to the power at work in you
Leave the doing to him
He is at work Yours is to trust the power at work to do more
It appears like this is what your life will always be
may be you should just resign to fate
Just before you do
Does dusk still change to dawn?
Do seeds still grow to become fruits?
Is all you have known life to be since childhood 
Still exactly the same?
You cannot be the only creation that gets forgotten and abnadoned 
By a God who rules the affairs of men
Even fate is controlled by him
Who would you rather embrace?
The master or his tool?
You know all these things but they dont work
Hmm, on this one, I agree with you
They dont work for everyone
They only work for heirs
True sons and daughters
Who know their father
who dont merely sit for him
But wait on him

There is more to your life than this request
As important as it is, 
It should not be a determinant of who your father is to you
Will God do it?
Yes, He is God
If God doesnt do it
Yes. He is still God
Whether on the mountain or in the valley
He will father you
Waiting is activity not passivity
Waiting is not a bed
Get up and work
waiting is not death
Take off your mourning clothes
If you are waiting right
Your strength will be renewed
If you are waiting right
You will be mounting up your wings like an eagle
If you are waiting right
You will be walking and not be weary
If you are waiting right
You will be running and not be faint
Start waiting right

You can’t be waiting for someone who doesn’t know you. To wait right, you need to accept the gift of salvation and thereafter become deliberate with your spiritual growth. Do not postpone it any further.

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