Prayers against delay and stagnancy

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By your mercy Lord locate me where stagnancy has kept me

Lord it is my turn to breakthrough

I receive speed and grace to overrun stagnancy and advance in purpose in Jesus name

Lord I will no longer be left behind, I will be celebrated

Lord break the yoke of delay in my life now

I leave my pool of Bethsaida tonight, no ore stagnancy in Jesus name

Every chain tying me to one spot be broken in Jesus name

Lord hand me the key of my settlement

Doors of progression that have been locked against me, fling open now in Jesus name

Never again will anyone take my place of progression, It is my time and my turn

Henceforth Lord I arise out of delay

I will no longer be rejected and bypassed in Jesus name

Every cause of repeated rejection that has kept me stagnant, be broken in Jesus name

I receive freedom from repeated evil patterns of failure and rejection that fuel stagnancy in Jesus name

I break free from cycles of embargo to progression

All that is birthing frustration in my life be destroyed in Jesus name.

Lord I graduate out of the league stagnancy in Jesus name

Lord I call forth wonderful changes in my life for good in Jesus name

Lord I welcome supernatural surprises in every area of stagnancy in my life

Past records of failure that count against my progression be blotted out in Jesus name

Every power contending with my advancement be disempowered in Jesus name

Every good thing the enemy is contending with me for,  be released to me in Jesus name

Foundational strongholds against my progression be uprooted and destroyed in Jesus name

Frustration give way for celebration in Jesus name

Lord disappoint the expectation of the enemy over my progression in Jesus name

Every good thing that has become an impossibility in my life become possible in Jesus name

Every law, protocol or structure that has kept me stagnant be broken in Jesus name

Lord silence all opposition to my progression in Jesus name

Goliaths that have vowed to put me to shame be disgraced in Jesus name

No more last minute failure in Jesus name

Lord, I leave the waiting list to the list of testifiers in Jesus name

The good I have been longing for, become my reality in Jesus name

Lord I come out of my past life of joblessness, humiliation, mockery and reproach into newness in Jesus name

As I have said by faith, so shall it be according to God’s will in Jesus name

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