Prayers to enter into the Lord’s Ark of Safety

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The ways of mankind displeased God in the time of Noah. The Bible says there was great wickedness on the earth. All that man imagined, thought and intended was evil, on a continuous basis.  If God considered mankind wicked in the days of Noah, I wonder what his thoughts would be about the present generation of mankind. Our ways are at variance to all that God wills, and this is a displeasure to God.

During the time of Noah, God decided to wipe away mankind, but he found a man who stood blameless in the midst of widespread wickedness. He found a man who chose the ways of God over the popular culture of worldliness. He saw a man who walked in habitual fellowship with him, shunning the corruption that had become the order of the day.

  • Have you surrendered your life to the Lord Jesus?
  • Are you such a man whom God would identify amidst the decadence in the world today?
  • Are you still living a blameless life?
  • Are you still walking in habitual fellowship with God?

Benefits of entering the ark of safety

  • Noah’s decision to live a life that pleased God paid off
  • He received divine intelligence about the impending destruction of mankind
  • He received divine guidance for the safety and preservation of himself and his family
  • He was entrusted with the divine mandate to Propagate mankind

Become a member of God’s family to enter into the ark of safety

Lord Jesus I acknowledge my sinful life and your death on the cross for my sins. I believe you died and rose again. Be my Lord and saviour. Teach me your your ways and help me to please you in all things in Jesus name.

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Qualifications for the ark of safety

Let us Pray

Prayers to enter into the Lord’s Ark of Safety

  • Thank you Lord for your mercy and faithfulness in my life and family
  • Thank you Lord for preserving me and all you have blessed me with from spiritual and physical harm
  • Lord Jesus please forgive me all of my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness
  • Oh Lord empower me to live a life that pleases you in imagination, thought, intent, word and deed.
  • I refuse the influence of worldliness
  • Jesus, the ark of safety, save me and all you have blessed me with from destruction
  • I enter into the ark of financial safety in Jesus name, I will not be a victim of financial destruction
  • I enter into the ark of family safety in Jesus name, I will not be a victim of family destruction
  • I enter into the ark of health safety in Jesus name, I will not be plagued by sickness or disease
  • Deliberate Christian LIfe enters into the ark of ministerial safety in Jesus name, we shall not be plagued with ministerial destruction
  • Disobedience will not keep me and all the Lord has blessed me with out of the ark of safety in Jesus name

Thank the Lord for answered prayers.

There are more life-transforming prayers in the Deliberate Christian Prayer Bank. Remember, prayer is a personal and intimate conversation with God. Feel free to modify and personalize these prayer points to reflect your own unique circumstances and needs.

We look forward to reading your testimonies. Remember to share them with us here. Have you been blessed by these prayer points, type in the comments section – BY THE POWER OF GOD’S GRACE, I AND ALL THE LORD HAS BLESSED ME WITH HAVE ENTERED THE ARK OF SAFETY. Please share the prayer link with family and friends. you can also drop a prayer for Deliberate Christian in the comments section.

God loves a cheerful giver. Your giving will go a long way to help us reach more souls for Christ.

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