How to secure your eternity goals in marriage

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Your eternity goals as a Christian supersedes all you want to achieve in life.

A deliberate Christian should ensure that all they do with and in their lifetime aligns with their eternity goals. Any activity that does not align with your eternity goals is a disservice to your salvation and spiritual walk.

What are Eternity Goals?

Eternity is God’s free gift of unending,  incorruptible and abundant life to those who have accepted  Jesus as their Lord and personal saviour.

For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our God. – Romans 6:23

Eternity is a gift given to those who have acknowledged their sinful nature and God’s redemptive grace as the way out of the damnation of sin.

To receive eternal life, a person must confess their sins and ask for forgiveness from God. They must also believe that Jesus was crucified; he died and rose again on the third day for the salvation of mankind.

Eternity Goals are every true believer’s lifetime objective which entails living a God-glorifying life and receiving the good and faithful servant welcome at their transition to immortality.

Marriage Can Make or Mar your Eternity Goals

One aspect of life that contributes remarkably to a Christian’s eternity goals is marriage. The choice of a life partner is the choice of an eternity goal partner.

Since the Bible says two become one, whoever a Christian marries to become one with them, this explains why all Christians must allow God to choose their spouses for them.

It is a spouse who shares your eternal goal that can work in agreement with you to fulfil them.

Can two work together unless they be agreed?

How to secure your eternity goals when choosing a spouse

There are a number of things every heaven-bound single male and female should note when choosing a spouse before they say I do

The love of Christ gives sight, it never makes anyone blind.

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To secure your eternity goals in marriage, remember the following, as shared by Allison Hyacintho, Nigerian writer, counsellor and marriage therapist.

1. “Yes I do”, is not worth losing your “Well done good and faithful servant”

The fancy proposal at the mall, the most expensive diamond engagement ring, the most extravagant wedding party and the strongest family pressure should not make you trade your “well done good and faithful servant” welcome for an earthly “Yes, I do”.

If your “Yes, I do” will not fit into your eternity goals, dear single deliberate Christian, say no to the proposal, say no, to the extravagant wedding party lure, say no, to the family pressure. Yes, you can by God’s grace.

2. On the last day each one will stand before God as an individual, not a husband or wife.

When the roll is called up yonder, God is not going to say “well-done good and faithful husband or well done good and faithful wife. The only welcome will be well done, good and faithful servant.

Your ministry as a servant of God comes before your role as a wife or husband. You must ensure you don’t lose your servanthood to wifehood or husbandhood.

Marry someone who will sustain your primary ministry (servanthood). Marry someone who will make you a good and faithful married servant.

Conclusion on securing your eternal goals in marriage

Before you get bitten by the love bug, let this truth be your heart’s guard. If he or she will not contribute to your receiving the well done good and faithful servant welcome, he or she is not an Eternity Goal Partner

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