Prayer for the Spirit of righteousness

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The Spirit of righteousness is a product of the costly sacrifice Christ paid for us on the cross of calvary. It is renewed and sustained by our relationship with Christ, not by observing rules. Christ is our righteousness

It is the Spirit of righteousness that gives you the ability to live a life that glorifies and showcases  God to our brothers and sisters in the faith and to unbelievers.

The Spirit of righteousness also enables us to do good and live a life that exemplifies God’s justice.

The heart of man is desperately evil. On our own, we lack the capability to live righteously, but after accepting the gift of salvation, the indwelling of the  HolySpirit in our new nature manifests as the spirit of righteousness.

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We need to constantly pray the Spirit of righteousness over ourselves for sanctification from all forms of worldliness which produces the inclination for evil and all forms of unrighteousness.

The Spirit of righteousness can only be received by someone who has accepted Christ as Lord and saviour. If you are yet to accept Christ, Please do so now by saying the prayer.

Lord Jesus thank you for your love for me. I believe that you died for me on the cross. I believe that you sent your only begotten son to pay the price for my redemption.

Today, I accept Jesus as my Lord and saviour. I live for him, move in him and have my being in him, by the power of his grace in Jesus name.

  • Thank you Lord for your love and goodness to me and all that are mine
  • Thank you for the imputed righteousness of Christ Jesus that released me from the domination of sin
  • Thank you for making me the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
  • Father fill me to an overflow with the Spirit of righteousness
  • Spirit of righteousness, possess me beyond environmental limitations
  • Spirit of righteousness possess me beyond circumstantial limitations
  • Spirit of righteousness possess my thoughts, words, deeds, desires and emotions, bringing them all to obedience  to Christ Jesus
  • I break free from all forms of unrighteousness that stand as a hindrance to my prayers in Jesus name  (James5:16)
  • I receive deliverance from every form of temptation that seeks to soil the righteousness of Christ in me (2Peter2:9)
  • I activate the grace to be righteous now and to continue to live righteously all the days of my life in Jesus name (Revelations 22:11)
  • In Jesus name, I refuse to be a hypocrite. My deeds of righteousness shall be from within and pleasing to the Lord (Matthew23:28)
  • My spouse, children and family members be possessed by the Spirit of righteousness in Jesus name.(Luke1:6)
  • Thank the Lord for answered prayers

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