15 prayer points for redemptive Justice

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Christ came to the world to enforce redemptive justice for mankind. The unfavourable experiences of many are products of the unjust judgment that was pronounced on them in the spiritual court of life. Know this today, it is not only God that passes judgment over men, the devil also does. The difference is that God’s judgment are righteous while the devil’s judgement are evil. God can also overturn the judgment of the devil. We n

Let’s read Isaiah 1: 24-27 Therefore the Lord the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, the Mighty One of Israel says, “I will take revenge in my enemies and pay back my foes! I will raise my fist against you. I will melt you down and skim off your slag. I will remove all your impurities. Then I will give you good judges again and wise counselors like you used to have. Then Jerusalem will again be called the Home of justice and the faithful city. Zion will be restored by justice; those who repent will be revived by righteousness. 

Deliberate Christian, You are zion, the city of God, the Lord’s nation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculair people.You are the one the Lord is speaking about today and he is promising you redemptive justice.

Judgment is a verdict that signifies the end of a case. Once it is sought at the highest realm of the judicial system, it’s pronouncement gives no room for appeal or mercy. Judgment is the highest form of decree that shuts its eyes from tears. I pray for you, wherever anyone is speaking against your life with crocodile tears for your condemnation, by the name of Jesus you shall be acquitted and your enemies shall be pronounced guilty in Jesus name. 

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Powers of darkness and satan have taken over the lives of some people completely, buying over their  marriages, jobs, finances and health in the spiritual market and pronouncing evil judgments on them.  Some destinies have been lawfully and unlawfully captured by the enemy, subjecting such people to a lifetime of servitude, affliction and oppression. Such people spend each day without the joy of living. The devil glories over them making life a living hell for them. May that not be your portion in Jesus name. (Isaiah 49:24)

If you are experiencing unexplainable handicap that frustrates your effort and makes you joyless in any area of your life by reason of being sold to the camp of the enemy, the authority of the name of Jesus shall redeem you . God is the just judge. The Lord says Zion shall be redeemed with justice, the beloved shall be redeemed. God is not just the Chief Judge, he is also our advocate, the one who is ready to redeem us. His authority spans heaven and earth and all other jurisdiction in the sea, in the air and under the earth.

The cost you are to pay for the redemption is to surrender your life and heart to Jesus, so he can deliver you from sin, satan and eternal damnation of hell. He sacrificed his life for the redemption of your soul. Don’t pray in vain, don’t pray in ungodliness, Jesus is the Lord, the one  that was sent to you for your redemption. JESUS REIGNS over all power on heaven and on earth. He has the power of redemption. 

Prayer of Redemptive justice

  1. Thank you Lord for your redemptive justice that offered Jesus as the price for my liberty. What would have become of me without you Lord. Thank you for putting me first before yourself on the cross.
  2. God of redemptive justice have mercy on me and forgive me for all acts of injustice that I have perperuated against my fellow men in defiance to your will.
  3. God of redemptive justice, rain your Judgment on all enemies troubling my life. Rain merciless judgment and vengeance on those troubling me and oppressing me, my children, my marriage, my health, my finance, my business or my job.
  4. God of redemptive justice release your judgment on those hindering me from progressing in life. Those oppressing me by day and night and those enslaving my life and glory in Jesus name.
  5. God of redemptive justice, redeem me with my glory from wherever I was sold by the injustice of the wicked. Redeem my life and that of my spouse and children from where our glories marriage,success blessing and  benefactors  have been sold with witchcraft.
  6. God of redemptive justice, by the blood of Jesus, Redeem my time, chances I have lost and my glory from where they were taken forcefully by the wicked.
  7. Holy Spirit Sword of fire scatter every force of darkness conspiring day and night for my downfall and trouble. Sword of fire pass through their camp and waste their blood like a flood. Deliver me from the wicked.
  8. In Jesus name, God of redemptive justice expose and destroy any strange hand and shackles of darkness that have been used to tie my life down in Jesus name
  9. God of redemptive judgement rain pronounce judgment in wrath upon any judgment of death that has been passed over my life by any demonic altar.Judgment of God nullify it. I refuse to die. I refuse the judgement of death in the dream, judgement of accident, judgement of work contract  termination,  judgement of sickness and judgement of financial bankruptcy.
  10. Redemptive justice of God appeal all evil judgements pronounced on me in Jesus name. 
  11. In Jesus name God of redemptive justice speak redemption over my life and over all that are mine that has been taken away by the wickedness of darknèss . Judgment of God retrieve all that are rightly mine. Retreive my dwelling place, redeem my staff of office, redeem my glory, my crown of kingship, letter of success and breakthroughd
  12. God of redemptive justice remove the arrows of darkness that were sent to my life through the judgement of darkness. Arrows of darkness melt, arrows of sickness and death melt in Jesus name.
  13. My Path to success, breakthrough that have been closed by evil judgement against my life open by the power of God’s redemptive justice.
  14. I declare the judgment of God on all border guards of darkness enforcing, demonic roadblock and demonic embargo over good things in my life. Darkness clear off my path in Jesus name 

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The authority of Jesus is released over my life against all evil judgment that has been passed over my life. Thus says the Lord the plot shall not be fulfilled and it shall not stand. It is written, surely they shall gather but not by me. The Lord says if they say the word it shall not stand. He says do not call their covenants covenants anymore. Their covenant with death and the grave is annulled. In Jesus name may the fire and voice of God go out to anywhere evil judgment has been passed over our life. In Jesus name. The voice of God overturns the judgment of death, sickness, paralysis, life sentence, ill luck, fruitlessness, today they are scattered in Jesus name .Anywhere evil judgment has been passed over my life I appeal them by fire. I am acquitted. All evil judgment that were used to lock the door to goodness and mercy  against me, today may the judgment of God overturn them. Henceforth I will not be labelled condemned anymore. The voice of God swallows all voices of condemnation. Henceforth i will hear voices of joy and success. The judgment of God restores all that was unlawfully taken away from me. The judgment of God restores me to the throne , to greatness and to success. The voice that restored David as king shall restore me to the place of glory and success. The covenant of God that restored the butler to the palace shall restore me. Hindrances and obstacles are cleared off my path in Jesus name. Today I am set free by the Lord. I go in peace. I receive promotion, blessings, upliftment, breakthrough and fruitfulness. I am unstoppable, no more backwardness. The authority of the Lord restores all that is rightfully mine. I shall not be disadvantaged, the times of my life shall not be stolen from me. My head shall harbour no evil. My life and destiny are set free from slavery. Our prayers are answered in Jesus name. 

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