15 Prayer points for the intervention of the God of possibilities

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The Bible is full of accounts of the demonstration of the intervention of the God of possibilities. Because man is not self -sufficient, we will continue to need interventions that only the God of possibilities can offer.

For with God, nothing shall be impossible – Luke 1:37

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Situations when man needs the intervention of the God of possibilities

Some situations when man needs the intervention of the God of possibilities include:

  • when all hope seems lost
  • when the help of man fails
  • when repeated effort prove abortive
  • When life becomes meaningless
  • When you do not know what to do
  • When resigning to fate becomes the only available option

God is an ever present help in times of need. He is always willing and able to help us if we call on him for help. The one who would call on God must however believe that God is who his word says he is and he is able to do the unthinkable and unimaginable, far beyond the limitations of man.

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Why many children of God do not receive the intervention of God

Even though God is able and willing to make impossible possible, sadly, many children of God still languish in impossibilities. This is because

  1. They fail to call on God.
  2. They call on him without believing in him
  3. They do not know that God can make their impossibilities possible
  4. They are not patient enough to wait on him
  5. They want God’s intervention in their own way
  6. They want to share his glory with idols
  7. They are living a sinful life
  8. They are not willing to accept and embrace the truth that will set them free
  9. They want God to act like man
  10. They seek God with their lips and not their heart

Who can receive the intervention of the God of possibilities ?

The intervention of the God of possibilities is not for everyone. It is for true children of God who have surrendered their lives to Christ by repenting and forsaking of all unrighteousness and confessing them to the Lord and asking for forgiveness. It is also for those who are yielded to the Lord Jesus Christ and are daily living sacrifices of worship to him (Romans 12:1). It is for those who are on a journey of transformation through daily kind renewal (Romans 12:2) . It is for those who are walking in the spirit and not fulfilling the desire of the flesh. It is for those who are expectant brides of Christ free of blemish and wrinkle.

Do you qualify for the intervention of the God of possibilities?

If you have not confessed Jesus as Lord and forsaken your old ways, now is a good time to do so. Read this out humbly to the Lord – Lord Jesus I repent of all unrighteousness. Please forgive me for all my sins. Wash me clean with your blood and make me whole. I receive the power of your grace to live above sin for I am no more under the law. Work in me to will and do your good pleasures all the days of my life in Jesus name I pray.

If you surrendered your life to Christ before now and you have backslided, rededicate your life and start a nee journey with him.

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Prayers for the intervention of the God of possibilities

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  1. God of possibilities thank you for the daily possibilities I enjoy without asking. The possibility of sleeping and waking up, possibility of going out and coming in, possibility of breathing, possibility of eyes that see, ears that hear, mouth that speaks, stomach that churns food, children that are well and alive…(Go wild and thank the God of possiilities even for your challenges.
  2. God of possibilities, thank you for the privilege of knowing and belonging to you. Thank you for the privilege of accessing your possibilities
  3. God of possibilities knock down all walls of impossibilities in my life.
  4. God of possibilities, intervene in all that has defied human wisdom and effort in my life.
  5. God of possibilities arise and consume all that has defeated me in life.
  6. God of possibilities you turned mara to sweetness turn every bitterness to sweetness in my life
  7. God of possibilities make sound health a possibility in my life. Make sickness and disease a thing of the past in my body and lineage (James 5:13-18)
  8. God of possibilities turn my helplessness to breakthrough (John 5:1-8)
  9. God of possibilities bring prosperity out of my lack. Open up the riches of your glory to fund my need in Jesus name
  10. God of possibilities arise against all unrepentant avengers that want to waste my life.
  11. God of possibilities release breakthroughs that have never been witnessed and experienced in my family, lineage and community
  12. God of possibilities breathe sporadic increase beyond my effort upon my business
  13. God of possibilities let my family ride the wings of possibilties to greatness like Abraham did.
  14. God of possibilities help me to love and serve you with graced-commitment.
  15. God of possibilities preserve me until your return
  16. Thank the God of possibilities for answered prayers

All things are possible to them that believe. If you believe, your prayers are answered in Jesus name.

Are you blessed by these prayers? Type – God of possibilities has turned my impossibilties to possible in the comments section. Kindly share the prayer with family and friends. Support the ministry with your giving. Help us to reach more people with the message of salvation and life transformation.

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