Prayer of separation from ancestral negativity

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Every man born of a woman has ancestors whose choices and life are replicated in all forms biologically, spiritually, financially and more. The Bible says ” for the life of a creature is in the blood…(Leviticus 17:11) . As bloodlines are propagated by reproduction, so are ancestral traits.

Isaac, Jacob and the brothers of Joseph replicated Abraham’s deceptive trait. The bible recorded that Abraham lied twice.

Isaac also lied, and Jacob deceived his father to steal his twin brother’s birthright. Joseph’s brothers also deceived their father. This clearly shows that if ancestral traits are not dealt with, they continue for generations.  

Our God is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews13:8). He can travel back in time if need be. All power and authority belong to him, including that which helps empowers evil ancestral traits to be propagated from generation to generation.

By his grace, we shall put a halt to all evil ancestral patterns.

Remember we only get answers if we pray in faith.

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Thank the Lord for all he has done, all he is doing and all he will still do.

Acknowledge his unwavering faithfulness in all aspects and issues of life

Ask for mercy and forgiveness for all forms of unrighteousness

 I retrace my steps away from every wrong direction my ancestors have taken in Jesus name (Numbers 20:15)

Lord deliver me from every mistreatment that my ancestors endured that is now being meted out on me and my children (Numbers 20:15)

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Lord have mercy on my lineage for every evil perpetuated by my ancestors that generations after are paying  for (Zechariah 1:2, Lamentations 5:7

Lord I receive the grace for righteous living for myself and generations after me. We shall not carry on with any evil perpetuated by  ancestors in Jesus name

Every ancestral power that is contending with my spiritual inheritance in Christ be utterly destroyed in Jesus name. 1Kings 21:3

Powers that have vowed that I would rather vacate the land of the living than be all that Christ has destined me to be, take my place in the land of the dead in Jesus name

By the power of the Lord Jesus, the one who causes men to succeed, My Sons and daughters shall live to succeed me in all godly legacies that God empowers me to achieve on earth. They shall progress beyond where  I stop in Jesus name

I and generations after me break away from character flaws, unrighteous ways and the wickedness of our ancestors that attract the wrath of God in Jesus name. (Psalm 78:57, Pslam 106:6)

I will be a point of reference for generations after me to trust in God and receive his deliverance from all harm in Jesus name

I and generations after me enter into the life-giving covenant of Christ’s sacrifice for mankind. We denounce any other substitute that our ancestors might have entered into on behalf of our lineage.  John 6:49

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