Victory over hidden battles 

There are diverse kinds of hidden battles. Some confront men, some women, some children and some are no respecter of gender, age, race or status.  We can liken the diverse kinds of battles to the parable Jesus shared in Matthew 13:3-8 The parable talks about a sower whose seeds fell on different locations. Some fell on the way side, some on the rock, some amongst thorns and some on good soil. 

The first set of seeds that fell on the wayside were eaten by birds. This can be likened to children whose glory are eaten up by birds and are thereby denied the chance to utilize their God-given glory.

The second one is the seed that fell on the rock, a place that has no soil to keep the root firmly in the ground.Some children are from families like this.Families that have no prominent person and helper. Families like this are plagued with lack of resources and helpers of destiny. In such a family, glorious children end up like mediocres. Their great potentials die with them. 

The third kind of family is that which can be likened to seeds that felll amongst thorns. The bible says the thorns choked them to death. This refers to children who are born into families that are plagued with curses and generational battles; like battles caused by witchcraft, wizardy and darkness. These battles make glorious children die like mediocres. Giants of darkness deny glorious children in this kind of family their rightful positions in destiny. Children in such families move from one battle to another all through their lifetime. 

The fourth is the seed that fell on good soil and brought forth fruit in a hundred, sixty and thirty fold. Parents of Children born into this kind of family have paid the price of prayers for a glorious lifetime for their children. Such parents have sought and served the Lord diligently, fasted  and prayed on mountains and valleys and fought battles for their children on their knees. Parents of such children have enrolled them into covenants with the Lord to ensure battles they fought do not show up in the lives of their children. Such parents have won their children’s battles even before they occur.


What type of family were you born into?

Who is praying for you?

Do your parents make time to pray for you?

Are they running from one spiritualist to another?

Are they mere church goers who lack the knowledge of the one true God?

 Parents of this nature lack divine encounters with God, they have no covenant with God. 

What type of parents gave birth to you?

Did they overcome their battles? 

Were they able to put out the enemy’s fire that was burning them during their lifetime?

Did they pass on the baton of generational battles to you?

If you are reading this now, I pray for you, you will be delivered from all battles in Jesus name. 

Let’s take thes prayer points

  1. Thank you Lord for the salvation of my soul and your restorative hand on my destiny. 
  1. Have mercy Lord and forgive me for all my tresspasses. 
  1. Spirit of God inspire, lead and empower me to pray right and breakthrough in Jesus name. 
  1. Restorative hand of God,  take charge of my life, visit the very source of my being and restore every dysfunction and all that requires change in my life, in the lives of my children and in the life of my spouse.
  1. Fire of God, uproot every form of battle I inherited from my parent  and forcefully deliver me from Battles my parents ignorantly enrolled me for and handed me over to 
  2. Fire of God, Deliver me from battles that are parenting me spiritually. Blood of Jesus redeem me from them.
  1. In Jesus name I decree that The covenant of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus consumes all battles my parents have no explanation for, battles that oppressed my parents and generations before me, and have vowed to oppress me and my children 
  1. Battles my parents fought I deny you access to my life and the lives of my childreni shall not inherit the pains and sufferings of my parents in Jesus name 
  1. I declare by faith that my chikdren and I step out victoriously from all bondages my parents endured in Jesus name 
  1. I shall not be overcome by Battles that overcame my parents. Battles that killed any of my parents are not allowed to kill me in Jesus name 
  1. Strong and mighty Hand of the  Lord destroy all shackles of generational hardship in my life 
  1.  Strong and mighty hand of the Lord annul all Covenants of generational hardship over my self and my children. 
  1. Generational covenants of hardships 0customised for males, females, the married and singles in my family be broken in Jesus name 
  1. Generational covenants of hardships tailored to whatever location we occupy on  earth  be destroyed in Jesus name 
  1. Power of God destroy covenants that shut the door of help, opportunities and mercy against members of my lineage. Thunder of God destroy powers that pull us down at the edge of success, cause good things to turn sour and turns promises to denials
  1. In Jesus name, host of heaven cut in pieces with the axe of fire all giants of darkness that cut short the life and glory of glorious children in my lineage with death, sickness, debt, backwardness, disappointment and rejection. Shred them in pieces, they must not succeed over me or my children.
  1. Oh Lord Rain down fire to consume every power and might, every curse and thorn, scorpion, snake, hindrances and obstacles, opposition and impossibilities that surround my life, family, job, glory and ministry and cause me to go from one battle to another and from one problem to another in Jesus name 
  2. Thank the Lord for answered prayers. 

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Make a commitment to the Lord with the following declaration. I ….(insert your name)…declare by the power of the Lord that I have overcome all hidden battles. I begin to live my full potential in Christ from this moment onwards in Jesus name s

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